PT Anzara Janitra Nusantara (“AJN”)

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PT Anzara Janitra Nusantara (“AJN”)


Established in 2014, PT Anzara Janitra Nusantara (AJN) originally operated under the name of PT Pradipa Aceh Daya. In 2016, the company underwent a name change to its current name. AJN is an independent power producer of a leading reputation in Indonesia that provides electricity/power solutions.

In 2016, AJN through a number of its subsidiaries signed and negotiated agreements for power generation to a number of parties, such as PLN (Persero) of South and Central Kalimantan Region (PLN KalSelTeng) for biogas power plant; and PLN (Persero) of South, Southeast and West Sulawesi Region (PLN SulselRaBar) for mini-hydro power plant in Lembang Ma’dong Denpina, North Toraja, South Sulawesi.

Contact Details:
Gedung TMT 1, 18th Floor Suite 1802
Jl. Cilandak KKO No. 1
Jakarta 12560

Tel.: +62 21 2997 6767
Fax.: +62 21 2997 6768

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