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Located in West Aceh Regency, PT Mifa Bersaudara (Mifa) is a subsidiary company of PT Media Djaya Bersama (MDB) which focuses on coal mining activities.

PT Mifa Bersaudara is recorded as having a concession area of ​​3,134 hectares (ha) in the West Aceh Regency. Mifa had 335 million tons of resources and 211 million tons of coal reserves at the beginning of 2020. As of the last 6 years, PT Mifa Bersaudara has recorded to have produced an average of 4.06 million tons of coal per year at the location.

Apart from abundant resources, Mifa has strategic mining location. Mifa is located at the western tip of Indonesia and it is close to one largest market segment of low-calorie coal, i.e. India if it is compared to other mining businesses. The location of the mining which is only 12 kilometers from the port becomes Company’s strategic asset in the coal mining industry.

Currently the company has built facilities and infrastructure to support operational activities such as mining, hauling road access for transportation, and also a coal loading system from barge to PT Mifa Bersaudara's Special Coal Terminal, located on the Peunaga Cut Ujong Coast, West Aceh Regency.

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