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Various Benefits of Coal in Daily Life


Coal has become a very reliable natural resource, especially as a power plant. This is because coal is very easy to distribute and does not require a special place to store it. Not surprisingly, if it is said coal is the main fuel on Earth.

How could it not? It is calculated that at least 30 percent of the world's energy and 40 percent of the energy sources for power generation use coal as the main material. According to research, the current availability of coal is sufficient to fuel energy for the next 300 years. In Indonesia itself, coal is mostly found on the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra.

But do you know, coal also has many benefits that are used in everyday life. Here are some of the benefits of coal for human life.

Produce Gas

Natural gas derived from coal is obtained naturally from the ground using advanced technology. Then, the natural gas produced by pure coal will be processed to make various products, such as industrial fuel, hydrogen products, diesel products and gas power plants.

Supporting Industrial Aluminum Products

Coal can produce natural gas while it is still underground. Then the gas and heat of coke from coal can separate some steel products to form aluminum products which are widely used for household appliances, such as cooking pots or teflon, for construction equipment and agricultural equipment.

Assisting with Cement Production

Coal is a natural or excavated material which is known to act as a raw material for the manufacture of cement. Although it is not used as a raw material for cement production, coal is used in the combustion process to make cement.

Become a Transportation Fuel

Transportation fuels such as Coal Water Mixture (CWM) which is a fuel mixture between coal and water with the help of additives to form a homogeneous and stable viscous suspension can be used as a substitute for fuel oil (BBM).

Produce Other Minerals

The rest of the coal fuel can also produce other minerals, such as naphthalene and phenol. Naphthalene is a mineral compound that is used to produce plastics, resins, and insecticides. While phenol is an ingredient used in mouthwash and a number of cleaning fluids.

By: Corporate Communications PT ABM Investama Tbk