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Who’s Said The Mining Sector Does Not Care About the Environment?


For the mining sector, the environment always have been one of the most important issues. Indeed, a lot of parties are concern and perceive that all mining activities will have certain destructive environmental impacts, from water, soil, and air pollutions to negative impacts on the surrounding communities’ health. However, on the contrary, good mining companies have strong environmental consciousness and care about environmental sustainability. This is driven by the good mining practice that are thoroughly implemented from the exploration stage, mining process, to its processing stage.

One important element in the implementation of good mining practices is mining companies obligations to control and ensure the environmental function of its surrounding areas. In other word, all mining activities are carried out in the most eco-friendly manners upholding the environmental sustainability principles. Nowadays, more and more mining companies are moving towards eco-sustainability and this trend has given birth to a new concept called green mining.

The main objective of green mining is to minimize environmental and social impacts that may have adverse impacts at all stages and mining activities. Utilizing technology in mining management offers a solution towards this objective. Through modern technology, eco-friendly mining activities, including lowering the risk of air, soil, and water pollution to the minimum level can now be achieved. Also, green mining highlights on habitat rehabilitation efforts for post mining areas so these areas can provide sustainable benefits and refunctioned in accordance to it’s designated post-mining planning.

The mining industry has a central role in our lives. Coal mining for instance, it still is and will be our primary source of energy that sustain lives, human progress, and economic development. This fact even elevated the importance of responsible mining activities and management. Ultimately, all mining companies will uphold the commitment to provide sustainable benefits to our lives, human progress, and economic development while at the same time safeguarding environmental and social sustainability.


By: Corporate Communications

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