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Digital Transformation in the Mining Sector


The world is facing a new kind on industrial revolution brought by the Industry 4.0 and it touches every aspect of human lives. This revolution is marked by the massive and significant use of technology in all sectors and industries. In Indonesia, in an effort to embrace industry 4.0, the Government commits to build a competitive world-class national industry

When we talk about industry 4.0, certainly it cannot be separated from digitalization. Yes, along the way, the industrial revolution 4.0 has driven the industrial system closer to digital technology, including the mining industry. The industrial revolution 4.0 has indeed had massive impacts on how the industry operates and how the industry serves our customers. In other words, if you are unable to adapt to these changes, then you might be left behind and lost the competition.

On that note, for mining companies, digital transformation has become a must, a necessity for survival as it can help enhance the company’s activities. Digitalization in the mining sector are relevant and applicable from its planning stage to its processing activities (smelter).

Several examples of digital technologies that can be applied in the mining industry are Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligent (AI). Through the application of this digital ecosystem, all elements of production process to Human Resources (HR) can be integrated in a data processing system. At the same time, mining companies will be able to increase its analytical capabilities, insight, and enhance operational efficiency and boost productivity.

Therefore, mining companies are currently required to understand, embrance, and make the best use of information and communication technology. Because digital transformation in the mining sector will play a very important role in every company's operational activity. On the other hand, if companies are not willing to transform and embrace technology, it will be left behind and unable to compete. Surely a path no company will choose.


By: Corporate Communications

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