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The Importance of Health and Safety Commitment and Awareness in the Mining Sector


Working in mining companies is indeed very appealing for many people because of its challenging nature of its works. Of course, working in this type of industry come with a relatively high occupational risk. In fact, if we neglect to implement a comprehensive and thorough Health and Safety procedures, working in the mining industry can be dangerous.

It is quite often we read news on safety incidents occurred in the mining sectors. According to the data from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, throughout 2020, there were a total of 145 occupational safety incidents recorded in Indonesia’s mineral and coal mining sector, with 33 minor incidents, 95 major incidents, and 17 fatalities.

The question is, what went wrong?

In general, the root cause of many safety incidents in the mining sector is fatigue driven incidents and lack of employees’ knowledge regarding safety procedures. To that end, on top of having a firm Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) procedures, and providing the best facilities to reduce incident risks, mining companies also required to provide socializations, campaigns, and training program in a comprehensive manner to all workers. Thus, they can enhance their OHS knowledge and competencies in their respective work areas.

However, there is another important aspect in fostering OHS in mining, it is the commitment and awareness of all employees. Yes, although many of the OHS knowledge are already widely known and understood, the employees can not underestimate such matters and its related procedures. We need to remember that being cautious in everything that we do in the mining sector is immensely important. Instead, workers must avoid careless behavior that can endanger the lives of themselves and those around them.

As a conclusion, the success of OHS management in the mining sector is closely related to workers’ competencies and behaviors in the workplace. We need to have both awareness and commitment from all workers to put OHS as one of the utmost priorities

Working in any industries surely need of a high level of awareness, sense of responsibility, and commitment. Accordingly, OHS awareness and commitment must be integral to our work culture every time we go to work. Don’t you think so.

Stay safe, stay healthy!


By: Corporate Communications

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