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Encourage Acceleration of Achievement of SDGs, CKB Group presents OSH Training for Puskesmas


The form of the company's ongoing commitment to support government programs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia


JAKARTA 6 June 2022 - Integrated logistics service provider PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Group) held a CSR program in the form of Occupational Health and Safety (K3) Training as a fulfillment of the Community Health Center (Puskesmas) Accreditation program, which this time focused on the Jakarta area, to be precise, in Sukapura sub-district, Cilincing, North Jakarta, this Friday (3/6). The presence of this activity is a form of CKB Group's commitment to support government programs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia.

Iman Sjafei, Chief Executive Officer of CKB Group explained, CKB Group always prioritizes the implementation of SDGs practices in the company's operational environment, including a healthy and prosperous life; quality education; and partnerships to achieve goals. "Through this activity, CKB Group intends to contribute in supporting the achievement of Puskesmas Accreditation, especially in the Sukapura area in fulfilling accreditation points," explained Iman.

This activity was carried out in synergy with the CKB Group with various partners, namely the Fire Department (DAMKAR), the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), and the Environmental Service (DLH). In general, this series of K3 training activities begins with the signing of the MoU; followed by training sessions for tens of health workers from Puskesmas involving DAMKAR on Fire Disaster Management and Tool Utilization (theory and practice). In the next session, CKB Group will conduct training involving BPBD and DLH on Management of Hazardous and Toxic Materials and Waste (B3), as well as Disaster Management in response to outbreaks, disasters and emergency situations resulting from disasters.

This subsidiary of PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABM), which is engaged in the logistics sector, has previously collaborated with the Sukapura Health Center in the form of Covid 19 PPE assistance which has been carried out since the beginning of the pandemic until now. “We understand that Puskesmas are the health facilities closest to the community and are at the forefront of providing health services for the community in each region. Therefore, we hope that the activities carried out can encourage the improvement of the quality of the Puskesmas optimally, one of which is the achievement of national-scale accreditation,” added Iman.


During its 25-year journey, CKB Group is committed to implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs on an ongoing basis. "Social responsibility activities aim to enable CKB Group to contribute to improving the welfare of the community around its business location, as well as to create a harmonious relationship between the company, the community and the surrounding environment so that the benefits can be felt in a sustainable manner by all parties," concluded Iman.