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Meet the needs of Ramadan and Hari Raya, CKB Group Improve Cargo Service


The manifestation of CKB Group's commitment to providing innovative logistics solutions for supply chain fulfillment during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr


JAKARTA, April 13, 2022 – The need for logistics services during Ramadan and Hari Raya continues to increase every year. Especially now that the national economy has begun to recover and is encouraging improvements in various sectors. Realizing this, the integrated logistics service provider PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Group) is committed to supporting the fulfillment of the production supply chain, as well as increasing basic needs during Ramadan and ahead of Hari Raya by increasing cargo services.

Iman Sjafei, Chief Executive Officer of CKB Group, explained that increasing logistics trends during Ramadan and Hari Raya are common every year. One of the reasons for this increase is the anticipation of customers in ensuring their needs are met until distribution channels recover after the holidays. Given the operational restrictions that occur on D-7 and D+7 holidays. "Therefore, CKB Group has taken preventive measures to accommodate the increasing demand for logistics. We are committed to always supporting business actors in fulfilling production supply chains, as well as increasing basic needs in the community so that all goods can be mobilized before restrictions are imposed," explained Iman.

The service improvement presented by CKB Group is by increasing the frequency of flights to various regions, namely flights to Balikpapan from 12 times to 15 times a week, the previous Timika destination from 1 time to 2 times a week. In addition to increasing flight frequency, CKB Group can also serve flight charters according to customer requests using 737-300F aircraft with a capacity of 15 to 16 tons.

"The increase in tonnage that occurred in 2021 will continue this year, this can be seen from the upward trend that has occurred since January 2022 with the same average volume of shipments, both on regular routes and extra (additional) routes," added Iman.

Citing data from the website of the Association of Indonesian Express Delivery Service Companies (Asperindo), this year it is projected that the delivery service business will continue to increase. Although varied, the increase covered all segments, namely business to customer (B2C) and customer to customer (C2C), as well as business to business (B2B). M. Feriadi as the General Chair of Asperindo said that the logistics industry can continue to grow because it has become one of the main needs of the community. Especially after the entry of the e-commerce era. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has increasingly changed people's consumption patterns from shopping offline to online.

In general, CKB Group is a national integrated logistics service provider company with a wide range of services, namely domestic and international cargo delivery services via air, sea, land and rail and multimodal, customs service management, project logistics, warehousing management, service remote site/supply base, bonded logistics center, industrial cargo delivery, dry bulk cargo delivery especially coal, port management and loading and unloading services. The regular flight routes for air cargo served by CKB Group include Singapore – Jakarta – Balikpapan, Balikpapan – Jakarta, Balikpapan – Singapore, Jakarta – Ujung Pandang, Jakarta – Ujung Pandang – Timika and Manado - Singapore.

The increase in cargo services from the CKB Group is part of the company's commitment to providing integrated logistics and transportation service solutions according to customer needs. “With more than 24 years of experience in the logistics industry, CKB Group always strives to meet customer needs. We hope that this increase in cargo services can be the main solution for customers in supporting supply chain needs for production, mining and increasing basic needs during Ramadan and ahead of Eid al-Fitr," concluded Iman.