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Support SDGs Target, ABM CSR Program Wins Awards at ICEA 2022


A tangible manifestation of ABM Investama's ongoing commitment in implementing the principle of sustainability, while supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

JAKARTA, 11 March 2022 — PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABM) started 2022 by winning a number of prestigious national awards Indonesia CSR Excellence Award ("ICEA") 2022, which was held hybridly by Indonesia Popular Mandiri (IPM) and First Indonesia Magazine, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment. This achievement was achieved by ABM for its commitment to implementing the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) governance in line with the targets in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Awards from ICEA 2022 that ABM won for the “Corporate Winner” category, namely, “Excellence in Green and Environmental Management” and “Best Innovations and Initiatives in Global CSR”. As for the “Individual Winner” category, ABM won the trophy for “The Best Leadership Focus on CSR Program” which was addressed to Andi Djajanegara as CEO of the Company.

Andi Djajanegara as President Director of ABM Investama explained, the company strongly believes that business continuity is closely related to the implementation of environmental and social responsibility. "ABM's participation in this event is part of a continuous effort to always measure and develop effective CSR performance, in order to support the implementation of environmental, social, and governance (LST/ESG) aspects which are currently ABM's focus towards sustainable business growth," explained Andi.

The ICEA event in 2022 has the theme "CSR Program to Encourage Transformation Towards a Digital Society in The Development of Economic and Environmental Growth As Well As a Sustainable MSME Sector In The Pandemic Era" and is divided into two categories, namely, Individual Winner and Corporate Winner. Participated by more than 200 BUMN, BUMD, National Private Companies, and multinational companies. The initial selection mechanism screened the 100 finalist companies for further evaluation through interviews, so that the jury determined the 40 best companies that were entitled to receive the award.

There are three excellent programs carried out by ABM in this event. First, vocational education is carried out online and offline by prioritizing strict health protocols. Second, the program for accelerating ecosystem recovery and rehabilitation of watersheds (watersheds) in an integrated manner from upstream to downstream offshore in the form of coral reef replantation. Finally, the economic empowerment of the community around the operational area.

ABM's flagship program, which received appreciation at ICEA 2022, focuses on program transformation during the pandemic. “This is in line with the “Sustainability House” concept that has been designed by the Company. The concept puts forward the spirit of 'A Better Method in Empowering Energy', which integrates various aspects, namely environmental, social, and governance (LST/ESG) into core operational aspects," added Andi.
For information, achievements related to CSR and ESG that have been obtained by ABM before this event include the "CCC" category award for ESG disclosure and the "Gold" category for Transparency in Calculation of Corporate Emissions in the Non-Banking Issuer Sector at the Corporate Emissions Awards event organized by Berita Satu Media. Holding and Bumi Global Karbon (BGK) in April and November 2021. This award is a continuation of the award received by ABM in the ESG Award with the “Best” rating for the ESG disclosure of non-banking investment sector issuers in 2020.