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Support the Acceleration of the National Vaccination Program, ABM Presents Booster Vaccination Center at Senayan Park


ABM Group's ongoing commitment to jointly fight COVID-19 and achieve herd immunity in Indonesian society

JAKARTA 21 February 2022 — Understanding the importance of accelerating the distribution of vaccinations for all Indonesians, the national integrated energy company PT ABM Investama Tbk. (IDX: ABMM) again presents a COVID-19 vaccination center, which this time is intended for a third or booster dose of vaccination. The vaccination center will run for three weeks, starting from February 3 to March 3, 2022 at Mall Senayan Park, Jakarta.

The implementation of this vaccination center activity is the result of collaboration with various parties, in this implementation ABM participated in the COVID-19 vaccination center activity organized by GoTix, a ticketing platform part of LOKET which also collaborates with the Directorate of Traffic (Ditlantas) of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police (Polda Metro Jaya). In addition, this activity is carried out as a form of ABM's ongoing commitment to jointly fight COVID-19, as well as a form of support for government programs in accelerating national vaccination.

Andi Djajanegara as the President Director of ABM said, ABM believes that vaccination is an effective way to suppress the spread of COVID-19. “Health and safety is paramount. Therefore, on behalf of ABM and all of its subsidiaries, we would like to invite all parties to fight COVID-19 together, one of which can be realized by contributing to the success of the national vaccination program," said Andi.

As for the types of vaccines provided, namely AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna, with the selection based on previously received vaccines, according to the rules determined by the Ministry of Health. To register at this vaccination center, people simply need to open the https://bit.ly/boostergotix link which will direct users to open GoTix on the Gojek application or the www.go-tix.id website.

Edwina Tirta as VP Creation and Partnership GoTix-LOKET explained, "With the support of various strategic partners, we are trying to support the acceleration of the national vaccination program by opening a number of vaccination centers in Indonesia through Loket.com and GoTix technology. Our initiative with ABM Investama has taken place in various Vaccination Centers in various regions for the first and second vaccines, for that we really appreciate ABM Investama's quick steps in supporting the GoTix Booster Vaccination Center and the Polda Metro Jaya Ditlantas in Senayan Park. Event management technology from Loket.com and GoTix has been proven to be able to streamline the entire series of socialization, registration, and registration of vaccination participants more efficiently, safely, and comfortably.”

Previously, ABM had also successfully implemented vaccination centers in various other regions in Indonesia, including Meulaboh, Jambi, Lahat, Tapin, Sebamban, Balikpapan and Samarinda. "We hope that the presence of this third dose of vaccination center can accelerate vaccine distribution, as well as achieve herd immunity in Indonesian society, and in the future we plan to continue booster vaccination center activities in several other areas," hoped Andi.

In addition to presenting a Vaccination Center, ABM's support to fight COVID-19 is also realized by ensuring the health and safety of workers in all of its business operations. Various policies were implemented to achieve this, starting from the application of health protocols and periodic checks, including testing, tracing and treatment, the policy of working from home for head office / non-operational employees, to ensuring that all employees have been vaccinated at least the second dose.