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ABM's Efforts in Applying Global Sustainability Principles


JAKARTA, July 5, 2021 – As an integrated energy company, PT ABM Investama Tbk. (IDX: ABMM) is increasingly strengthening its commitment to implementing sustainable principles. The Company always strives for future generations to grow well, by supporting the national Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Haris Mustarto as Director of ABM explained, ABM's sustainability strategy focuses on responsible sustainable mining practices. “For us, sustainability is key to continuing to provide empowering energy for the future. For this reason, we continue to improve the Company's way of achieving sustainability, one of which is by developing the “Sustainability House” concept. We hope that this concept can realize sustainable business growth and optimize value added for all stakeholders,” explained Haris.

ABM's "Sustainability House" concept comes with promoting the spirit of 'A Better Method in Empowering Energy'. The concept is implemented by integrating various aspects, namely environmental, social, and governance (LST/ESG) in daily operations, in line with support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Sustainability is key to continuing to provide empowering energy for the future. Not only for economic growth, but also for the environment and society. "The steps taken by the Company are to manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through emission control, energy efficiency, maintaining biodiversity, waste management, as well as water and effluent management," added Haris.

In its implementation, ABM adopts the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard to disclose sustainability achievements to all its stakeholders. ABM has published its sustainability reports regularly since the 2017 financial year.

This is what makes the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) appreciate and choose ABM to share the inspiration of the journey towards a sustainable business to members of the Indonesian Coal Development Association (APBI) and the Association of Indonesian Issuers (AEI), in an event themed International Exposure and Exclusive Consultation of GRI Sector Standards. on Coal which will be held virtually on July 5, 2021.

Regional Program Manager for ASEAN GRI, Lany Harijanti, said that one manifestation of the seriousness of sustainable business practices is to carry out sustainability reporting. “ABM has seriously demonstrated transformational steps by starting to carry out sustainability reporting in 2016, even by adopting the GRI Standards from the start, and is now developing a sustainability strategy. That's why we chose ABM Investama to share its travel experiences so that it is hoped that it can inspire other companies to start sustainability reports as well,” said Lany.

In line with this, the Executive Director of APBI, Hendra Sinadia, expressed his appreciation and pride as one of the associations that oversees ABM Investama for ABM's consistency in implementing sustainability principles in various aspects. “ABM Investama's efforts as an integrated energy company in promoting transparency to the public on sustainable company performance need to be an example and motivation for other companies. In addition, APBI also always facilitates a series of activities for implementing the sustainability principle of each member as part of the association's commitment so that the sustainability principle can be applied throughout the coal mining industry ecosystem. Hendra said.

ABM has also won various awards related to the application of sustainability principles. These include getting 1 silver rating (2017) and 2 gold ratings (2018-2019) in the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASSRAT), to Best Corporate Disclosure at the ESG Award (2020) and the Corporate Emissions Award for non-financial sector issuers (2021) from Earth Global Carbon collaboration - Association of Indonesian Issuers.