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New Facilities Official CKB Balikpapan Logistic HUB


CKB Group's support in encouraging the acceleration of distribution and industrial growth throughout Indonesia, in order to accelerate the recovery of the national economy.

BALIKPAPAN, JUNE 17 - 2021 – An integrated logistics service provider company PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Group) which is a subsidiary of PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABM), inaugurated a new 14,000m2 office and warehousing facility located at Jl. Somber RT 85, Muara Rapak, North Balikpapan. The presence of new office and warehousing facilities is in line with the government's program to encourage the acceleration of distribution and industrial growth throughout Indonesia, in order to accelerate the national economic recovery.

President Director of PT Cipta Krida Bahari, Iman Sjafei explained, the move to this new facility is part of the company's strategy to encourage industrial activity in Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia, as well as to support the efforts of the Central Government in restoring the national economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. "This facility relocation is carried out to provide more strategic access to customers and business actors, because it is close to Semayang Port and Sultan Aji Muhammad-Sepinggan International Airport and has close access to the Somber jetty port. With prime access located in industrial and commercial areas, this will certainly provide benefits for business actors in reducing transportation costs and saving time," explained Iman.

The latest location for office and warehousing facilities is divided into 3 parts, namely a closed warehouse area of 4,970m2, an open yard area of 7,225m2 and an office of 1,320m2. Supported by information and communication technology systems as well as effective goods supervision focused on supporting industry players engaged in the mining and oil/gas sectors in Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia. The types of goods stored and managed in this new warehousing facility include; mining heavy equipment, spare parts, tires, steel and plantation products.

All of these facilities are also an integrated transportation and logistics solution (Total Logistics Solutions) with a focus on supporting the oil & gas, mining, construction/infrastructure, tires, iron and steel industries and plantation products. "With this new Logistics Hub, we are optimistic that the level of efficiency for business actors will improve so as to optimize economic opportunities and encourage the competitiveness of the national industry," added Iman.

CKB Balikpapan Logistics Hub also serves regular flight routes specifically for air cargo, namely Singapore - Jakarta - Balikpapan, Jakarta - Balikpapan - Jakarta 2 times a day for 6 days a week. The provision of these services is reflected in the trend of cargo transportation needs that continue to grow and is expected to provide easy, fast and safe services in carrying out unlimited cargo deliveries.

Ety Puspitasari as Business Director of Logistics & Distribution of PT Cipta Krida Bahari explained that the Singapore - Jakarta - Balikpapan, Jakarta - Balikpapan - Jakarta route is one of the CKB Group's strategies in increasing international cargo traffic. "We hope that this route service can support increasing the competitiveness of national leading export commodities, especially in Balikpapan, which is the main gateway to the Kalimantan region and Eastern Indonesia," explained Ety.

Nationally, CKB Group has 5 (five) bonded logistics centers spread throughout Indonesia, namely in Jakarta (Cakung and Marunda), Surabaya (Osowilangun and Margomulyo), and Balikpapan (Somber). CKB Group also brings logistics services to a higher level using an integrated logistics system, including transportation services, warehousing, customs services with information and communication technology systems as well as effective goods control.