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CK Wins Best Employer 2020


Jakarta, December 21, 2020. PT Cipta Kridatama (CK), a subsidiary of PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABM) wins the Best Employer Company 2020 by Kincentric, a human resource consulting agency operating in 50 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and The middle East. This award also shows the excellence of CK as a workplace.

According to Kincentric's representative, Andrew How, the company that was named the Best Employer managed to have the highest score from four aspects of the assessment, 'Employee Engagement', 'Organizational Agility', 'Engaging Leadership', and 'Talent Focus'. These advantages place CK at the top of the ranks for employers in Indonesia.

Kincentric's assessment includes strong employee involvement in the middle of remote work caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. CK has a highly engaged workforce, where their employees are 13% more engaged than employees of other organizations. One of the factors driving this 'strong employee engagement' is a conducive work environment that accepts diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking.

According to Andrew How, as employees go through times of uncertainty and work remotely, the need for employers to keep them engaged is critical for all organizations. CK as the 2020 Best Employer has shown this well. Communication and engagement remain essential to employee satisfaction, which will result in higher levels of employee interest and retention, especially when embarking on a new workplace transformation.

The Kincetric measurement also shows the results where employees of the surveyed companies, including CK, are recorded as having a high level of trust in management, with 94% emphasizing that the company's leaders provide clear direction for the future. Moreover, 96% of them agree that executive leadership makes them excited about the future of the organization. Finally, 93% of employees stated that their employer was open and transparent in communicating. These findings further emphasize the importance of leadership and open communication between employers and employees amid the pandemic.

It is also important that employees in the organization have also expressed their satisfaction in terms of fairness and growth. The study revealed that they were adequately paid for their contribution to the company (91%) and that the organization well identified and evaluated employee strengths and areas of improvement (97%).

The President Director of CK, Feriawan Sinatra, stated that the award received by CK was an appreciation for the company's serious efforts to continuously create a work place that was conducive to improving the quality of human resources and also the company's business.

Feriwan added, CK provides the widest possible opportunity for all employees to improve their competence through development and training programs, including certification, in-house training, public training, and knowledge sharing. CK continues to improve the employee development program comprehensively and consistently, so that every employee has competence and can work professionally.

"This award further motivates us to carry out a program to improve human resources in a sustainable manner. We believe that superior human resources and a conducive working atmosphere will create excellent business performance, "said Feriwan. (***)