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JAKARTA, 9 November 2020. PT Tunas Inti Abadi (TIA), the holder of a Coal Production Operation Mining Business Permit in Tanah Bumbu Regency - South Kalimantan Province, a subsidiary of PT ABM Investama Tbk., Received a “Platinum” award at the Indonesian CSR Award (ICA) 2020 (6/11). PT Tunas Inti Abadi (TIA) received an award for its success in the category of Environmental Sector-Environmental Protection Program-sub-program for Empowerment and preservation of ecosystems and restoration efforts outside the company's operating area.

This national scale award event is held every three years, this year ICA 2020 is attended by 39 companies with assessment parameters that are further enhanced by the SNI ISO 26000 guidelines in implementing social responsibility.

TIA has made efforts to rehabilitate and conserve critical land ecosystems outside the company's operational area through a local community empowerment scheme. Director of PT Tunas Inti Abadi (TIA) Dadik Kiswanto said that the success of TIA in carrying out restoration and protection of Watersheds (DAS) in the Sultan Adam Forest Park area of ​​South Kalimantan was due to good collaboration with local communities.

"This award is because of good cooperation between TIA and the village community and other stakeholders. We are working well in an area of ​​approximately 2,117.70 hectares of land which includes two village areas, namely Tiwingan Lama Village and Kalaan Village in the Forest Park Conservation Area. Raya (Tahura) Sultan Adam, South Kalimantan. Attention and support from the South Kalimantan Government through a measured monitoring process is also the key so that the watershed rehabilitation program can run well and at the same time create new economic opportunities for people in the region, "he said.

Dadik explained that in general the condition of the watershed rehabilitation area that has been determined by the government is critical land. Community involvement is a key strategy in success and sustainability because the local community is the stakeholder holding the baton for the sustainability of the watershed rehabilitation program. Therefore TIA is committed to making the watershed rehabilitation program not only a fulfillment of its obligations but as much as possible to provide benefits to the community by considering the socio-economic and ecological aspects. Moreover, the types of plants that can be planted in the watershed rehabilitation area are high-value commodity such as rubber, candlenut, durian, rambutan, cempedak, and jengkol. In addition, there are also endemic plants such as Mahogany and Ulin.

As a complement to its ecotourism area, TIA also encourages the development of agro-tourism which also supports efforts to conserve the area as a manifestation of the synergy of environmental conservation efforts and community economic empowerment. So far, the company has involved 49 families to manage the rehabilitation area through the Alimpung Forest Farmers Group.

Dadik added that the program to restore and protect the Tahura Sultan Adam watershed does not only focus on the environment, but also on social aspects. "This is evident from the transformation in the Tahura Tiwingan Amanah Village Community Institution, which was originally a watershed rehabilitation worker to become the Alimpung Forest Farmers Group, which was granted the right to manage the planting results of TIA watershed rehabilitation which was declared successful and accepted by the government, in this case the Kalimantan Provincial Forestry Service. Selatan (Sultan Adam Forest Park) ", he said.

In addition, he hopes that the watershed rehabilitation program is expected to contribute and synergize with the Social Forestry program. Among them are adding to the synergy of the ecotourism program through the cultivation of kelulut honey bees, breeding pigeons and goat farming which can be used as compost material, as well as making liquid smoke as a natural insecticide and gum adhesive.

"This support activity is expected to create wider employment opportunities and improve the community's economy. We hope that efforts to conserve the Tahura Sultan Adam area in a sustainable manner can be realized along with the increasing economic independence of the people, "he concluded.