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Synergy of ABM Subsidiaries Helps Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the Region


Integrated energy company PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABM) through a number of its subsidiaries give Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assistance, multivitamins for medical personnel, and Covid-19 socialization in the regions. Among them through PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Group) and PT Sanggar Sarana Baja (SSB), ABM distributed its assistance to medical personnel in Balikpapan.

In addition to Balikpapan ABM also distributed assistance to Surabaya (East Java), Samarinda (East Kalimantan), Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan), and Tangerang (Banten). The joint initiative was carried out to support the government's role in tackling the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia, particularly in the regions.

CKB Group is a subsidiary of ABM which provides integrated logistics services, having submitted PPE assistance to the Samarinda area. Similar assistance will also continue to the areas of Balikpapan, Banjarmasin and Surabaya.

At the Harapan Baru Health Center - Samarinda, East Kalimantan, CKB Group give PPE assistance, in the form of spray equipment along with disinfectants, medical masks, cloth masks, hair protectors, latex gloves and hand sanitizers. CKB Group also plans to distribute PPE assistance to Puskesmas Gambut - Banjarmasin and Puskesmas Manggar Baru - Balikpapan. Whereas in the East Java area, CKB Group will submit PPE assistance to Sesemi Puskesmas, Osowilangun - Surabaya.

"Medical personnel are our front guard against Covid-19, of course they need support the best adequate Personal Protection Equipment. With a good PPE, we hope that their health will be maintained in their efforts to provide health services to the community amid the current Covid-19 outbreak "," said Iman Sjafei, Managing Director CKB Group.

In the future, CKB is also planning to target several other strategic operational areas, and prepare a defensive scheme for internal strengthening. This is in order to support the implementation of the Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) set by the Government. "In addition to permanent employees, we also have many daily workers who are directly affected by the current Work From Home (WFH) policy. The assistance package will be distributed as a form of support to the government which calls on the community to stay at home in order to break the chain of the spread of the virus," Faith added.

In a different location, another ABM subsidiary, SSB, distributed its assistance to Tangerang and Balikpapan. SSB handed over aid in the form of PPE (50 units of Hazmat Suit, 50 boxes of safety glasses (safety google), and 50 units of hand sanitizer) along with multivitamins for medical personnel at Kariangau - Balikpapan Health Center and Milenia Sejahtera Clinic, Tangerang - Banten.

According to the Director of SSB Johan Budisusetija, support for this level 1 health facility is an integral part of the occupational safety and health standards that are applied on a daily basis. "SSB, which is engaged in the manufacturing industry, sees the safety and health of workers being the most important. During an emergency, these clinics around us are the vanguard of handling. In the current conditions, it feels hand-in-hand against the pandemic (Covid-19) with medical partners is the best thing to do, "he explained.

Andi Djajanegara, President Director of ABM said that the initiative of its subsidiaries in various regions was a continued effort by ABM to help the government's role against the Covid-19 pandemic. "Previously the company had distributed assistance to a number of Covid-19 referral hospitals in the Jakarta area. ABM has submitted PPE and multi-vitamin assistance to support the role of medical staff at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Pasar Rebo and Pasar Minggu Regional Hospital, South Jakarta. In the current difficult situation, the support of various parties to the central and regional governments is certainly an important key to the spirit of mutual optimism in helping people fight the Covid-19 epidemic, "he concluded.