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Mining Contractor, PT Cipta Kridatama, Obtains New Contract with GEMS Subsidiaries


Continuing the positive trend at the end of 2019, a mining contractor of  PT ABM Investama Tbk’s (ABMM) subsidiary, PT Cipta Kridatama (CK) again obtains its newest contract in the early quarter of 2020. This time CK agreed to develop its mining services cooperation with 4 companies namely PT Kuansing Inti Makmur (KIM), PT Karya Cemerlang Persada, PT Bungo Bara Utama, and PT Bungo Bara Makmur (hereinafter referred to as the "KIM Group" which is a subsidiary of 

PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk ( GEMS)). The signing of the cooperation agreement between CK and KIM Group with a contract value equal to Rp 7,419,546,844,749 was signed by Feriwan Sinatra (CK's President Director) and R. Yuyu Gumilar (KIM's President Director) at the Sinar Mas Land Building, Jakarta.

According to Feriwan Sinatra, the certainty of a new cooperation agreement between CK and KIM Group strengthens CK's portfolio in developing its partnerships with mining businesses in Kalimantan and Sumatra through CK's operational excellence services. "With the mining business partner of the GEMS subsidiary, previously CK also had to develop its cooperation in coal hauling with PT Borneo Indobara (BIB) in South Kalimantan. The collaboration between CK and KIM Group certainly reconnects the togetherness of CK and GEMS which are part of the Sinar Mas Group business group, to develop business synergies going forward. In this agreement CK obtained mining contracts in 4 KIM group mining business areas located in Jambi, Sumatra, "said Feriwan Sinatra. On the same occasion Herbin Sitorus (Head of Sumatra Area PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk) said "With this collaboration, KIM Group and CK are committed to grow and develop together with the community around KIM Group who are stakeholders of KIM Group".

The KIM Group's mining location is located in Tanjung Belit Village, Jujuhan District, Bungo Regency, Jambi Province. In its cooperation contract, CK will assist mining activities in the 4 KIM Group mining business areas for overburden removal, and heavy equipment rental. Of the four Regions, CK obtained a target of overburden removal at KIM Group of 226,000,000 Bcm (Bank Cubic Meter) with a coal transportation target of 24,000,000 metric tons during the term of the contract. The average production of overburden removal is targeted to reach 22 Million Bcm (Bank Cubic Meter) per year. The duration of the contract between CK and KIM Group is in accordance with each age of the mine or the target has been fulfilled as described above

For CK, the collaboration in the first quarter of 2020 with KIM Group is the second time that CK has obtained a contract of duration of the mine (life of mine) within the last 2 months. "This positive trend is certainly a form of CK mining partner's trust in productivity development strategies through excellence service or CK operational excellence in various mining areas. The trust of the mining business partner that continues to grow will certainly be the motivation of CK to continue the productivity and to develop its performance in accordance with the values of compliance with applicable mining rules with the support of synergy with our parent company, PT ABM Investama Tbk ", added Feriwan Sinatra.

ABMM targets CK overburden volume more than 150 million bcm (increase 57.1% from the previous year and aiming for coal production of around 15 million tons this year. CK also continues to develop its positive performance through the synergy of integrated energy business from upstream to downstream through the concept of Mining Value Chain with other ABMM business units to support CK operations in various mining areas.

PT Cipta Kridatama is a mining contractor company, a subsidiary of PT ABM Investama Tbk, a strategic investment company in the field of energy resources, energy services, and infrastructure which is still part of the business group of PT Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT). PT Cipta Kridatama was established

April 8, 1997 and grew into an integrated mining services company by working on various coal mining areas owned by a number of mining business players. His positive contribution places PT Cipta Kridatama as one of the leading national mining service providers with more than 3818 professional workers, 650 units of international standard heavy equipment, and a modern technology system that is integrated from upstream to downstream.