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Sound Suak Bilie


“Pakek SSB mantong”, a piece of sentence that has become a byword in the village of Suak Bilie Area, Suka Makmue, Nagan Raya, Aceh. In Aceh meaning "just wear SSB" is often heard in the coffee houses where residents of villages doing social interaction.

SSB is a abbreviation a few of people around the Suak bilie Area to call the “Sound System Suak Bilie”. It’s a little village in Suka Makmue, even at Nagan Raya that has Sound System, one of them is Suak Bilie.

SSB is a one of empowerment and community development programs that source from CSR PT. Bara Energi Lestaris’s fund 2015. This program considered to be ongoing and sustainable. The idea is lead by youth and a few of residents of Suak Bilie village that sees there is a big potential of the market in this business. The residents considered, many of ritual celebration at Nagan Raya, is almost being obligation celebration, such as the official marriage, sunnatan (circumcized) Rasul, and religious activities such as Maulid, Isra Mi’raj even for Sholat Ied. The devices speakers have to bring from capital district Nagan Raya or even from the outside Nagan Raya because still very limited rental device sound around them.

The capital for this program is amounted to Rp 28 million. Rp 18 million from PT BEL and 10 million is funded from Suak Bilie villages. For now, SSB is a business with the best sound system devices at their area because the devices are more advance compare with the old rental that has spread at all villages.

The head of BEL mining engineering Rahmad Zahri said, this business rental aim for helping the village to empower the economic development. The villages could use the advantage from this business, also the availability employment for the village youth and the youth workers for business operational will receive wages according to the rental business income per each activity.

"The management of business consists of 8 units of the speakers with a tube measuring 60 cm x 120 and two units of the sound system, pure managed by village youths SUAK Bilie and known as the Management "Saboh Jaroe ". Saboh Jaroe means one hand in Indonesian, that only a competent person is allowed to install such devices, said Zahri that hope the develop of this this business.

Fadhli, a chosen youth who become the technician responsible for the operation of the device at the same time both for use in the village or if SSB going around.

The management rental provide free fees for the use of village activities on behalf of public interest such as Maulid. As for the villagers SUAK event Bilie rental charge of Rp 300.000 and for outside the village Suak Bilie, rentals will be charged a fee of 700.000 rupiah per day.

SUAK Bilie is one of the village operational areas of BEL. The village has a population of 1,030 people living as farmers.