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ABM Group Volunteer Teaching Together in SDN Cilandak


On Friday morning, March 27, 2015, the atmosphere of SDN 01 Pagi, East Cilandak, South Jakarta looks different. Hundred of students and teachers gathered at the school and welcoming ABM CSR Volunteer Group which will voluntary teach about the importance of water in commemoration of World Water Day which falls every March 22. This is the first Voluntary activities for ABM Group and will be carried out some series  visits throughout 2015 in 2 Primary Schools namely Cilandak and Cakung area.

Excitement was showed when the 24 volunteers begun teaching in each classroom where each class consists of four people volunteers. Although the volunteers who are employees of a subsidiary of ABM Group did not previously know each other, it does not become an issues. The Team work between volunteers is liven up the atmosphere, and the teaching process runs with creativity, playful and interactive games or interesting stories.

Andi Djajanegara as President Director of ABM, express his gratitude for the opportunity given to the ABM group to share knowledge in the school. He also revealed that the purpose of the activity is for students and the teachers to share how to utilize water more wisely.

"This is our desire of ABM Group, to contribute and to empower the people, the environment around the company," said Andi.

The CSR ABM Group Volunteerism Activity  is  one day off activity, which is enable ABM Group employees, and the Board of Directors involve and engage with the community surrounding. Aiming on achieving of life balance between career and social life, the volunterism activity is also expected to strengthen the relationship between employees, thus creating a more harmonious working atmosphere.