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West Aceh Rice Farmers Development


As a company commitment on doing society empowerment program, PT Mifa Bersaudara, subsidiaries of PT Media Djaya Bersama – Reswara Group, is doing an empowerment to the rice farmers around the mine location that include 4 villages: Gampong Aceh Tunong, Reudup, Pasi Aceh Tenong and Peunaga Cut Ujong, where each villages is forming a farming group trainee with 10 farmers as a member for each group with minimal 1 hectars of field.

The simulation of farmers development is held at June 15th 2014 by doing a prime planting that took places in Gampong Aceh Tunong, which attended by West Aceh’s Department of Agriculture, Keuchik Aceh Tunong, lecturer and students of fishery faculty of Universitas Tteuku Umar and representative of the society.

Farmers Development Program is actively done as an attempt to support government program which contains the same mission and also increasing the production of rice, the program was meant to utilize the rice field that have been long abandoned due to Tsunami.

In this program, the farmers are given seeds and fertilzers, training, consulting and also a mentoring from Farming Technical Team as a Pendamping Mitra Bina hopefully this program would give a new knowledge, process and experiences to increase rice production from 4.5 tons / hectar to 7 tons / hectar and becoming a tradition to another farmers.

Keuchik Aceh Tunong, Nazaruddin representing farmers group “Lueng Asahan” thanked PT Mifa Bersaudara due to their concern, with Aceh Society Empowerment Program (Program Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Aceh – PPMA) in helping and developing the society. There was some helps and developments that received and hoping that it will sustain in the future, knowing that our society condition is still limited and also hope the best for the company.