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Desa Siaga Aktif Unveiled West Aceh's Regent


ook place in Sumber Batu village meeting hall, Wednesday 4th of September 2013, PT ABM Investama Tbk, represented by its subsidiary, PT Cipta Kridatama signed the Memorandum of Understanding, a collaboration of Program Desa Siaga Aktif (Standby-Active Village Program) with West Aceh’s Governor represented by West Aceh Department of Health. In this opportunity, West Aceh Regent, H.T. Alaidinsyah launched Program Desa Siaga Aktif in Desa Sumber Batu and Desa Buloh which is the two villages located in Ring I (nearby mining spot) of PT Mifa Bersaudara.

Through this collaboration, West Aceh’s Department of Health will direct Desa Sumber Batu and Desa Bulo to be a Village that Standby yet Active through steps of activities such as: gathering and training the society, cadre training to society empowerment, introspective survey and village conferences. The national program that has procaimed by Indonesian Minister of Health since 2006 was meant to get the villages’ human resources and the infrastructure ready so they could give a basic health service to the society, monitoring the health condition in the village including the communicable disease and also make the society aware of the natural disaster. Nationally, as the part of target achieving: Millenium Development Goals, the government targeting that in the year 2015, 80 percent of the villages in Indonesia is already marked as Desa Siaga Aktif.

On his welcoming speech, West Aceh’s Governments persuade all of the stakeholders starting from the society to government, health centre, government staff including private employee to seriously run this program. Still on the same speech, he said that 20 people of Desa Siaga Aktif’s administrator contains the Headman, Youth, Midwife and services posts staff to be the core of this program.

This event is also being attended by West Aceh Muspida Plus, Head of West Aceh’s Health Centre, West Aceh’s local goverment staff, headmans of Meureubo as a advocat mediator so the program could be implemented in other villages. Like what West Aceh’s Head of Health Department, dr. Zafril Luthfy, said this program is the first social program that collaborated with the private party. Therefore, he asks for every element of the Government to support the program, so there will be many villages that are Siaga-Aktif with the same process. In West Aceh, from 80 percent target of the villages transformed into Siaga-Aktif, so far there are still 5 percent and counting, that means 20 villages are already marked as Siaga-Aktif out of total 322 villages.

PT ABM Investama Tbk, represented by Directors of PTMifa Bersaudara deliver their company commitment, together with the society, they will make this program runs well as a contribution to government to increase societies’ welfare.

West Aceh’s regent and fellow government (Wakalpores and Kasdim) have visited PT Mifa Bersaudara’s mining spot to see a personal how the progress in the coal mine which one of the most valuable investment in West Aceh. At this opportunity, the regent also had some talk with two employees of PT Cipta Kridatama who currently being trained as a heavy equipment operator through the Fresh Graduate Operator (FGO) program and the previous operator also have been through the On-Site Training Program (OST). These two programs are giving the chances to the society  nearby the mining spot who have never operate any heavy equipment yet and will be trained as a heavy equipment operator. Since started to operate in West Aceh in May 2012, there are 24 people that have been trained through FGO and 23 people with OST programs. The regent said to that two employees, they should tell the other society how much important the coal mine is to West Aceh. In Aceh’s native, he stated that ‘boh kaye jeut neupot, bak bek patah” (you could eat the fruit, but you must keep the tree), in other hand, the society could get the benefit from the existency of the coal mine, but they too have to make sure to keep the coal mine out of disturbance.