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February 24, 2018

The Best Company in CSR in Indonesia 2018

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ICRA II 2018 was held on  February 23, 2018 is the highest appreciation award given to the best companies in the field of CSR in Indonesia in category of Public Company and Private, where the assessment is classified based various categories such as BUMN, BUMD, and type of business such as Finance, Property, Construction, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, to Energy and Mining etc.

This award, it is expected that the company will be encouraged to improve the achievement and important role in the implementation of CSR practices in Indonesian companies. The judging process has been done objectively, the fairness by the Independent Jury in the CSR field. The theme of this year is Creating Shared Value (CSV), where the company must be able to create economic value for the company itself to create value for society. Thus, the shared value should embeded into the company's strategy.

The judging process for ICSRA II 2018 involves an independent Jury and is not associated with any association and is not part of the company being assessed. Assessment to the participants is based on CSR activities of the company in 2016-2017 through website, Annual Report & Sustainability Report. The assessment aspect is based on CSR Activity Publication (20%), stakeholder involvement (20%), CSR initiatives (40%) and long term CSR impact (20%) headed by DR. Ayu Ekasari, SE, MM and supervised by Prof. Ir. Roy Sembel, MBA, PhD.

On this occasion, ABM Investama was awarded Platinum for Public Company category in Energy and Mining.