The Synergy
to Move Forward
March 29, 2017

CSR Development ABM & SUBs

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  • Green School Volunteers ABM Group is started with total 7 Batches from ABM & SUBs, in partnership with SDN o1 Cilandak & SDN 05 Sukapura Cilincing, with total 154 volunteers involved
  • Established Partnership with UI (Universitas Indonesia), UTU (Teuku Umar) Meulaboh and STT PLN Jakarta
  • Develop CSR ABM Group Strategy for 2016-2020 aligned with Tranformation Growth Initiative Business
  • Starting for mapping of ISO26000
  • Workshops:

(a) Sustainability Reporting Workshop for SBUs (IGCN)
(b) Managing CSR Program through Monitoring & Evaluation CSR Process” (ICSD)
(c) CSR Standarization: ISO 26000 (TST)

 CSR Strategy is approved and CSR Officer is 

 CSR Strategy & Initiatives is approved aligned
 with Transformation Growth and held 
 Stakeholder  Mapping for Samarinda Area

 CSR Strategy & Initiatives for PLMTH Toraja 
 (Ma’dong, Paku) and forming Committee for 
 CSR Initiative in Mentawai Island

 Implementation some of CSR Initiatives such
 as Welding Competition

  • MIFA acknowledged as The Best CSR Program from Governer of West Aceh
  • TIA has awarded for Penghargaan UTAMA for Environment Management


  • CSR Policy and 4 SOPs completed and signed
  • 2nd CSR Learning in TMT Group with subject of Trakindo’s CSR Lesson Learnt and Sewatama Volunteers
  • Hands over donation to Jakarta Flood Disaster victims by TMT Group (ibu Mia Hamami) on 11th May 2014
  • Awareness on commemoration World Enviroment Day on 5 June by sending the e-mail blast to ABM Group. The objective is to raise the awareness of environment issues and how we can save more .
  • Approved ACPP Key Messages
  • Forming ACPP Social Risk Management Team 

 CSR Strategy is developed & mapping all the 

 CSR Framork is developed & focus into 
 2 pillars (Education & Environment)

 Social Mapping PLMTH and Hand Over 
 PLMTH Ciptagelar

 Develop CSR Framework

 All strategy &  intiatives under ACPP



  • Mapping CSR ABM Group
  • Volunteers Activities ABM Parent in partnership with DK3L – PHBS (Perilaku Hidup Bersih Sehat)
  • Drafting CSR Policy for ABM Group and approval of CSR CKB Policy
  • Launching the Save Energy Campaign with theme “Un-plug and Turn-off”; Paper Campaign “Save our Tree”
  • Presenting CSR Strategy
  • CSI Talk – Awareness Forum for BOD & GM ABM Group regarding Sustainability
  • Aceh Coal Power Project (ACPP) Strategy is approved
  • ACPP CSR Team is developed 

 CSR Function  under  MarCom is developed 
 including the KPI

 CSR Function is under HR & CSR Policy
 is approved

 CSR Officer is appointed & CSR Policy is 

 CSR Function  under Marcom including the KPI

 CSR Function is in MDB and formed as 
 External Relation Team