The Synergy
to Move Forward

As a holding company with subsidiaries engaged in various lines of business and operates throughout Indonesia, ABM must ensure the sustainability of each of its subsidiaries. Besides ensuring that every subsidiary implements a business strategy that is oriented on profitability, ABM also pays attention to their efforts to empower the community around their operational areas, because it is just as important an aspect in order to maintain ABM’s business sustainability.

A good relation among ABM, its subsidiaries and the community around all operational areas will ensure the smooth operations and activities of the subsidiaries. This relationship can be maintained as ABM listens to and understands the expectations of the community around each operational area and maximize its efforts in facilitating those needs, in line with the main goal of achieving an improved level of welfare in the society. In order for mapping the main priority of expectations and needs of the community, ABM is also considering inputs from the government, community leaders, regulators, NGOs, and related parties. Considering the multitude of essential differences of each local community characteristic to each of ABM’s operational areas, ABM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are formulated differently in each area. Each initiative is designed by each subsidiary to address specific needs of each operational area by relying on its potential and available resources. By involving the community and related parties in planning ABM’s business strategy, more business pportunities will arise and these can be seized by ABM. ABM’s role in its subsidiaries’ planning and implementation of CSR initiatives is as the policymaker and supervisor.

ABM is currently formulating the elementary considerations for its CSR policy that can be applied globally to all subsidiaries, and setting the boundaries for each initiative. The essence and implementation of every initiative, including their budgeting, is entirely the authority and responsibility of each subsidiary. The goal of ABM’s CSR initiatives is to create a community that is more independent and reaching a higher level of welfare. The CSR initiatives of ABM subsidiaries cover the following categories: Socio-Culture, Health, Education, Environment, Economy and Volunteerism. These categories are considered representative of various aspects of society in Indonesia with the most significant impact to the quality of life.