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Gender Diversity


The ABM Group has a strong commitment to upholding diversity in the company environment. The Government has made efforts for gender diversity by developing regulations and policies, including those contained in Presidential Instruction no. 99 of 2022, RPJMN 2020-2024, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation and Minister of Manpower Regulation which regulates qualifications for functional positions without mentioning gender prerequisites. The ABM Group has made gender diversity a fundamental for the Company's business sustainability which has been stated in the ABM Group policy, through the Gender Policy. This is a manifestation of the ABM Group's high commitment to gender equality in the company environment.

In order to realize gender diversity, a series of ongoing processes are needed to eliminate the gap between women and men. Where diversity in the workplace often occurs, which raises questions about how to encourage further social action and develop gender equality in companies, which has an important aspect in the company's progress, one of which is the company's progress, one of which is the contribution between men and women. through creativity and innovation provided to the company.

ABM is committed to gender diversity, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees regardless of gender. This not only improves the quality of the team's information processing and decision making, but also provides additional insight and access to a wider range of resources. The principle of gender diversity is reflected in the recruitment and human resource management policies of ABM and its subsidiaries.


Evaluation of the Management Approach:

ABM periodically carries out evaluations regarding policies, procedures and implementation regarding gender equality. This evaluation was obtained from input obtained by the Company, including from:

  1. Reporting from internal parties regarding acts of gender discrimination or alleged sexual harassment in the workplace.
  2. Reporting from external parties, including from contractors and vendors regarding alleged acts of gender discrimination in the Company's work environment
  3. Latest developments regarding issues and regulations related to gender in the workplace by relevant regulators.
  4. Latest developments regarding gender issues and their implementation in the workplace in similar industrial sectors both nationally and globally