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Water Stress


The calculation of water at ABM uses the 303 standard Methodology kilometers which technically has carried out a water accounting checking. Even though ABM's operational area is located 5-6 km from residential areas, water use has no impact on the surrounding community.

Based on the Country Water Assessment by the Asia Development Bank, in general Indonesia does not experience a water shortage. However, it has the long-term potential for water stress to occur in densely populated areas such as Java and Sumatra.

ABM has several business entities located in Java and Sumatra. However, all of ABM's operational locations have a commitment to water as a common resource that is very important for society, the environment and operational sustainability.

Water that is reused to support operational activities, namely:

  • Light vehicle (LV) unit washing
  • Watering hauling roads to reduce dust impact
  • Watering plant seeds in the reclamation area