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Mifa Initiates Coral Reef Rehabilitation Activities

The company operates its activities from upstream to downstream, from mine-mouth to shipping. This operation has the potential in making an impact to the surrounding environment. For this reason, One of PT Mifa Bersaudara (Mifa) main focus is its commitment in protecting the environment of Aceh Barat District, Aceh Province where it operates.  One form of Mifa support in environment preservation is coral reef rehabilitation. Since mid-April 2018 and coinciding with earth hour commemoration , Mifa has been partnering with Pusong Diving Club (PDC) in implementing coral reef ecosystem’s rehabilitation program in South West Coast region of Aceh.

This rehabilitation program is perform by setting-up coral reef transplantation and constructing 3(three) unit of concrete fish apartments  at a 10-12 meters depth seawater around Gosong Island, Soutwest Aceh. These activities have been receiving support from various parties including independent institutions and the government.

“Mifa has initiated the coral reef transplantation program. Also, we are inviting all parties to be actively involved in caring, maintaining and even creating other harmonious programs,” said  Farouk Afero, Head of Conservation Section of the Aceh Marine and Fisheries Service.

The territorial waters of Southwest Aceh (Abdya) are a protected area that has been appointed by the Minister of Transportation. Based on its geographic characteristics of the waters of the Southwest Aceh which directly facing the Indian Ocean are often has unpredictable changes of waters’ condition. The Abdya area which has been declared a marine protected area by the Government since 2017 has a complete ecosystem ranging from mangroves to breakwater clusters. Thus, the ecosystems around the area can be used by ships as a cover in emergencies or bad weather.