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Invest In Energy That Empower Millions of People

Invest In Energy That Empower Million Of People
Investing in ABM is investing in energy that empowers millions of people and drives the advancement of civilization. Coal as our main product is one of the main energy sources for electricity generator in this world. 
We supply energy sources that power the lives of millions of people across Indonesia and various countries. These energy sources supply power for industries to thrive, empower people to advance and pave the way for a better future. 
1. Credit Worthiness
  • ABM is part of the big family of PT Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT). We have an integrated industrial ecosystem supported by the synergy of TMT group. Our strength is being part of a group of global company. 
  • As part of the TMT Group, we manage the entire mining value chain such as mining resources, mining services and mining infrastructure as our core business, which is supported by leading logistics and engineering services companies.
2. ABM Mining Value Chain: An Integrated Business Model Offering End-to-End One Stop Mining Solutions
  • We have a Mining Value Chain (MVC) as an integrated business model ecosystem from mining to trading, including supporting services.
  • MVC offers “end-to-end one-stop mining solutions” for our customers, i.e. from coal mines, mining contractors, electricity solutions, integrated logistics, engineering services, to designing and manufacturing transportation and industrial equipment for mining, oil and gas. It also includes repair and re-manufacturing of major components of mining heavy equipment.
3. Working Towards a Sustainable Future for All 
  • Sustainability principles become part of who we are. Best practices in the field of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) are consistently implemented in all operational areas of ABM.
  • In the Environment aspect, we have focus areas which include: Energy, Emissions, Water, Waste, Biodiversity, and Eco-Compliance. On the social aspect, we are collaborating continuously with the community and local governments where we operate in order to encourage social progress through various Community Development programs which in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the aspect of Governance, we are maintaining in upholding the integrity and business ethics as well as sharpen the implementation of anti-corruption, the principles of Good Corporate Governance, and compliance with applicable law and regulations.
  • ABM aspires to be one of the Top Employer of Choice in the mining and energy sector in Indonesia. We want to create a valuable work experience, support work-life balance, construct a safe and healthy work environment, secure workers rights and encourage talent development and improve productivity through various Human Capital and Occupational Health & Safety policies and programs. Ultimately, we want to be able to grow, develop and progress together.

We invite investors and all stakeholders to browse through the Annual Report, Sustainability Report, Financial Report and other Company Presentations to find out more about ABM's strategy, investment portfolio and achievements in the fields of finance, operations, environment and our support for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).