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Dear valued partners,

The year 2016 continues to present us with challenges and hope. Towards the end of 2016, a promising news breeze our way; coal price index has risen quite significantly. Hence, amid the continuing uncertainty in the commodity prices, we are beyond grateful to have survived while continuously performing a variety of internal consolidations to sustain our corporate growth and prepare cautiously to enter the coming year with full of optimism.

Ending the year 2016, we are blessed with many good surprises.  Aside from the good news of the increasing coal price index, we have also won 3 awards towards the end of 2016: 1st place Private – Non Financial in the Annual Report Award 2015, received top score of A [Very Good] during the Indonesia Good Corporate Governance Award 2016 (IGCGA-2016) in the mining industry, and last but not the least, we became the winner for ASEAN Risk Champions held in Bali.  A year full of blessings, indeed.  It is our commitment to make sure that our performance reflects the honor we have been awarded lately.

Welcoming the New Year, Indonesia’s GDP growth is projected to increase at 5.1%; hence we believe that 2017 will present more opportunities for ABM Group. Our initiatives have yielded improvement and positive results, including the revamping and streamlining of the business, particularly in terms of continuing business efficiency and effectiveness while raising productivity. We believe all our effort in 2016 in strengthening the company’s foundation to aid growth in an increasingly competitive business environment will help us strive and win the competition. Internal consolidation continues to be conducted to realize ABM Group’s operational excellence that supports the company’s improved strategic capabilities.

In 2016, we continue to consistently carry out ‘Our Transformation Journey’ and gear up our company’s business strategy to achieve our Vision of becoming an integrated energy company with a more balanced portfolios. The company will continue to focus on exploring and developing the short coal business sector through the power industry as well as the logistics sector in the coming years. We will assess the existing opportunities carefully as part of our strategies to achieve the Company’s Vision.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to all shareholders, Board of Commissioners, business partners, suppliers, customers, employees, and other ABM Group stakeholders for the support and trust throughout 2016, which enabled us to survive the challenging year and welcome 2017 with confidence. We will uphold our commitment in the pursuit of progress and growth to provide you with the best services.

ABM welcomes 2017 with a high optimism though cautiously approached. We are aware that the uncertain prices of global commodities, especially coal, will remain as one of the major challenges we need to face in the years ahead.  Therefore, ABM Group remains committed to provide the best services with a fighting spirit and focus that will allow us to triumph against all difficulties and challenges that may come our way.

Best regards,
Andi Djajanegara
President Director